4.2.2 (Geo)RSS – Really Simple Syndication

RSS/XML/Atom are technologies, but syndication is a process. RSS and Atom are two flavours of what is more or less the same thing: a ‘feed’ which is a wrapper for pieces of regularly and sequentially-updated content, be they news articles, weblog posts, a series of photographs, and more. For the purposes of this article, consider the terms interchangable. […] Syndication is the process of using RSS/Atom for automated updates, another way of getting the information you want.Shea 2004.

Aufbauend auf dieses Konzept von RSS, entstand GeoRSS, in dem die Feeds auch anhand ihrer räumlichen Lage beschrieben werden. „Perhaps the most powerful advantages of GeoRSS feeds will be seen in the possibilities for geographic search and aggregation. More than just getting feeds for a particular city or zip code, using GeoRSS it will be posssible to search with all sorts of geographic criteria.Reed 2006: 3.

GeoRSS ist derzeit nur in Wien im Einsatz. Hier werden die Dateien vom Geoserver im Format KML (s. KML) ausgegeben.

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