4.2.10 SHP – ESRI Shapefile

Das Shapefile Format der Firma ESRI hat sich zu einem de-facto Standard im Bereich professioneller Geoinformation durchgesetzt. „A shapefile stores nontopological geometry and attribute information for the spatial features in a data set. The geometry for a feature is stored as a shape comprising a set of vector coordinates. Because shapefiles do not have the processing overhead of a topological data structure, they have advantages over other data sources such as faster drawing speed and edit ability. Shapefiles handle single features that overlap or that are noncontiguous. They also typically require less disk space and are easier to read and write. Shapefiles can support point, line, and area features. Area features are represented as closed loop, double-digitized polygons. Attributes are held in a dBASE® format file. Each attribute record has a one-to-one relationship with the associated shape record.ESRI 1998.

Das Umweltbundesamt und das Land Tirol stellen einige ihrer Datensätze ausschließlich als Shapefiles zur Verfügung. Obwohl dieses Format auch von Software außerhalb der ESRI-Produktfamilie verarbeitet werden kann, entspricht das nicht in vollem Umfang der Idee von OGD.

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